Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 12

I added the gun-thing to the port big-bumpy thing.  (technical terms)  I also added the friggin’ robot just in front of those things.  The robot is something I’m not thrilled with.  It’s a stupid thing to have on the underside (or anwyhere else) of a Star Trek ship, IMO.  I don’t know what posessed Rick Sternbach and Andrew Probert to glue a whole robot to the underside of the ready room model but they did.  Fortunately, Greg Jein at least incorporated the robot into the bottom of the ship a little more, he sank it in so it’s not quite so “stuck on there.”  My version of the robot isn’t all that accurate and lacks some details because I don’t really like it and also because it’s hardly ever seen.  The other reason is because I have two blurry images of the thing, both from nearly identical angles.  So, I got the main shapes in there but I’m probably off a little and missing some details.  (it’s good enough)  I only put it there because it’s on the studio model, otherwise I’d have left it off completely.

One thought on “Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 12

  1. A robot of all things, geez. Sort of like R2D2 on the Close Encounters mother ship?

    Thanks for throwing in those technical terms to clarify the updates 🙂 Likes great.

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