Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 11

More odds and ends.  I dunno what the hell the crap inside of the cut-out section just forward of the registry is supposed to be, but I added it.  It might be some more sensors or something like that.  I also added the half-domes to port and starboard of that stuff (possibly nav deflectors?)  And I added the two big structures just forward of the main pylon.  The port one of those gets a gun-looking thingy inside of the round cut-out section on the bottom.  I have no idea what that’s supposed to be but it looks cool.  😉  Other than that, I have to add the robot just forward of those thingies, the sensor/running light combo-thing to the BC-deck-like structure, phasers and thrusters and a few odds and ends and then this beast will be done and ready for the paint shop.  It’s amazing how quickly this build goes when you’ve already built one of these.  😉


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