Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 10

I got the edge detailing done, now I just need to work on the bottom of the ship and then it will be ready for textures.  🙂

I also forgot to mention that I realized a while back why the blueprints for this ship are so incorrect.  They’re not based off of the 4-foot filming miniature that was built for The Battle, they’re based off of the smaller Stargazer model from Picard’s ready room.  Since that model was built by kitbashing two 1701 refit kits, the parts look exactly like the ones on the 1701, with the exception of the modifications that Rick Sternbach and Andrew Probert made when they built the thing (though, Rick says he did most of the construction.)  However, when Greg Jein built the 4-foot filming model, he fabricated all of the parts from scratch, so there are subtle differences.  Also, Rick and Andrew used parts from a Macross VF-1 Valkyrie kit (and some other Macross parts) on the smaller model.  Greg also used parts from a VF1-Valkyrie kit but they were much larger (and probably more detailed) because it was a larger scale kit and he probably also used different parts.  So, technically, the blueprints for this ship are correct, but they’re also not correct, because the Stargazer model from the ready room is obviously not an accurate representation of the actual starship.  (but that’s typical for scale models)  I figured all of this out when I was looking at some pics of the ready room model that Doug Drexler posted on his blog a while back.  It’s kind of a useless fact but an interesting bit of trivia (at least to me it is.)


3 thoughts on “Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 10

    • What do you mean by too big? It’s larger than the Constitution-class but smaller than the Excelsior-class. I thought the size representation in both episodes that featured the model was accurate.

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