Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 3

I now have the warp systems complete.  All 4 nacelles and their respective pylons are now finished and in place.  The only parts that aren’t flipped on the bottom nacelles are the signage and the airlock on the main pylon (on the starboard side.)  I kept the orientation of the top signage and (of course) airlock for the bottom parts.  Now, on the studio model, it looks like they did flip the signage around but I didn’t want to do that, so I changed it.  Also, there isn’t an airlock (anywhere that I can see) on the studio model.  And, of course, the studio model doesn’t have the TMP-ish torpedo launchers but I like them, so I added them.  That gives this ship 4 forward torpedo tubes, making it a fairly heavily armed ship.  The crap towards the bottom (or top, for the lower one) of the main pylon is mostly guesswork on my part because none of my reference photos have a clear shot of exactly what is there.  But that’s a part of the ship that is seldom seen very closely, so it shouldn’t matter too much.

Next I’ll start on the main hull.  🙂


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