Constellation-class Version 2.0

I’ve decided it’s time to build a new Constellation-class Starcruiser model.  I started on my first one in early 2008, with some horribly inaccurate blueprints and a few reference images.  I built the nacelles, cross pylon, main pylon and impulse engines before I got burnt out (mostly because of the lack of references) and took about 9 or 10 months off from the build.  I picked it back up in early 2009 and finished it.  In the meantime, I collected a lot more reference images.  At the time that I restarted it, I probably should have rebuilt the engine area but I didn’t because I wanted to finish the model.  Well, now it’s time to correct that mistake.

I made two big mistakes when I built the first mesh.  1:  I followed the horribly inaccurate blueprints from the Fact Files, which were later featured in Star Trek:  The Magazine (I knew they were bad, especially since they listed one of the rear shuttle/cargo bays as the impulse engine.)  2:  I used references of the refit Enterprise to fill in what I was missing due to lack of references on the nacelles.  The Constellation-class nacelles have numerous differences over the refit because it’s a completely different model made by a different modeling shop.

Anywho, this is what I have so far.  I started on this last week but I bought The Sims 2 for PC the other day and I’ve been having a blast playing that.  But I managed to do some more modeling earlier.  I’m mostly done with the nacelles and I started on the cross pylon.  The nacelles aren’t 100% accurate but they’re a hell of a lot closer than my first ones.  There will be numerous changes when I do the details on the cross pylon because I now have better references of that area also.  I’m not using the blueprints at all, I’m just using my first mesh as a size and placement guide and referring often to the pictures I’ve accumulated of the ship.


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