Still docked…

This will probably be the last one of these I do for a while.  I would like to have had the bay doors open on the ship but I haven’t built a shuttlebay yet.


6 thoughts on “Still docked…

  1. In the (very) early stages of producing an audio drama set aboard the original Enterprise. Completely blown away by the work you’ve posted here and wondering if you’ll allow me permission to post some of it on the blog and link back to you. When I am finally ready to start releasing I’ll be looking for some episode art, too. Please let me know if you’re interested – I won’t post anything without permission.

    • Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

      I don’t have a problem with you posting my work. It’s nice to be asked. Usually, I just see my stuff somewhere and go “Oh, look, they’re using my stuff.” 😉

      As for doing episode art, I’ll most likely pass. I typically don’t like doing art for other people because this is just a hobby of mine and I like doing it on my terms.

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate it. And I do try to actually get permission first. And I’ll always link back.

    As far as episodes go, I didn’t expect to ask you for specifics. I have a slight idea how much effort goes into something like these and, since I can’t pay you, wouldn’t feel like I could ask you to do something specifically for me. There are a few images, going through what you’ve posted, that come pretty close to matching a couple of story events/locations that I think look really cool.

    Thanks again!

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