U.S.S. Essex in Drydock

Here’s a little something I did using my recently revamped Connie and newly built dock and shuttle.  I did two versions, with and without the shuttle.  Personally, I prefer the one with the shuttle but I know some will prefer to have an unobstructed view of the ship’s stardrive section, hence the other version.

Updated:  11:37 PM EST.  New images.

Funny story.  I had this all set up to render with the ship, dock and shuttle and the dock and shuttle lights.  I started rendering.  Many hours later, I came back and only a small portion of the scene had rendered and trueSpace said it still had over 25 hours left.  So, I aborted the render.  I deleted the shuttle and its lights and rendered the dock and ship and it only took a little over an hour.  Then I rendered the shuttle by itself, which took about five minutes.  I don’t know how you go from a little over an hour total to well more than a day just by adding a shuttle and shuttle light rig.  Anywho, since I rendered it in separate layers anyway, that was what prompted me to do the version without the shuttle.


7 thoughts on “U.S.S. Essex in Drydock

  1. Nice one! Just wondering, though. Shouldn’t the shuttle’s rear landing strut/gear be retracted when it’s in flight?

  2. Looks great. I think the only thing I might have done is movie the shuttle a little bit more to the left. Give it a little bit more of a tighter turn and maybe angled it to see a little bit more of the roof. Wow that’s a whole lot of a little bit.:D
    Still a great image. I never understood the rear landing strut on the shuttle so that’s why I just didin’t do one for my shuttle.

    • Why does everybody want me to move the shuttle? So far, between here and two forums, I have move it closer to the ship, move it to the right and move it to the left. The whole point of doing two versions was so that I wouldn’t get grief over the shuttle. (*sigh*)

      Thanks dude. Yeah, I really don’t like this class of shuttle that well. I only did it for nostalgia’s sake. There are a lot of things about it that don’t make sense. I’m probably going to do my own version of John Eaves’ Kelvin shuttle concepts for the 2009 movie. They’re very close to the TOS shuttle but vastly improved, IMO.

  3. Okay – late to the party here but:

    1) Layers – best damned way to do anything. I have never been able to get a render done that looked any different as a single pass than a layered approach. Bonus, layers let’s you play with the image. Of course, you have to have PhotoShop or similar program.

    2) Looks great. Both with and without the shuttle!

    • Thanks dude. I always do my images in layers, I just was trying to have the shuttle in the same layer. I figured the lights from the dock might affect the shuttle and vice versa. Apparently, they did (in a negative way.) However, I realized that the falloff rates are too low and the shuttle isn’t really that close to the dock. And, with the main light setup, the shuttle doesn’t cast a shadow on the dock (or vice versa.) So, I rendered them separately. 🙂

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