The Shuttle, pt. 1

The dry dock went quickly because it’s a fairly easy build. This thing,on the other hand, is a biotch.  The schematics for this thing are horrible, parts don’t line up from one view to the other (or even mirrored parts on the same view.)  I hate it when that happens.  Plus, the shuttle itself has some funky parts, particularly on the rear edge, where the fuselage meets the wings.  I managed to get that part mostly correct but not without a bunch of mesh errors (it was fugly.)  So, I decided to go with “close enough” to accurate and just make the thing work.  And, while I was at it, I decided to make some changes that I felt needed to be made.  So, this is where it stands right now.  It’s not accurate, but it’s very close to the TOS shuttlecraft (maybe a variant.)  It’s not a terribly detailed model, so it should go quickly from now, especially since I’m only kinda sorta following the schematics.


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