Construction Yard, pt. 1

I started on a really quick side project earlier. Basically, it’s the construction yard from TMP (or at least an approximation of it.)  I’m not going to add all of the tiny little kitbashed details and whatnot that the filming mod had, most of that won’t show up in most renders anyway.  I’m basically hitting the big stuff.  This is where it stands after about 3 or 4 hours of modeling.  All I really have left is to add some details to the top and some lights.  I tried bump mapping the top details but (as you can see) it didn’t go well.  So, I’ll whip up some quick greebles (maybe even kitbash some from my other models to finish it up. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to finish, that kind of detailing usually goes quite fast, especially since I’ll be using the copy button a lot.


2 thoughts on “Construction Yard, pt. 1

    • Thanks bro. I’ve needed to build one of these for years. So, today, I decided it was time. I’m also going to build some work bees and other small craft that I’ve also needed to build for years.

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