Finished the Enterprise (again)

I finished my side project of “upgrading” the TOS Enterprise.  I was getting tired of rendering WIP images, so I rendered a few beauty shots in classic Enterprise “poses.”  Next on my “to build” list is probably a TOS shuttlecraft.


One thought on “Finished the Enterprise (again)

  1. Hello,
    I came across your images on Google and I just wanted to say I enjoyed these. One of the oddest thing about Star Trek is that we never have a realistic transition era in ships. I mean, in ST:TMP we are told that the Enterprise has been refitted, however, in the rest of the Starfleet or in orbit around Earth we should still see TOS things running.

    The Director’s Cut of TMP added a TOS shuttle, but there should have been some evidence of a “transition era.”

    The lettering and design of this “Season 5” USS Enterprise begins to address that. Thanks!!!

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