Phase 1.5 Enterprise

First of all, for those of you thinking “Oh crap, he’s building another one of these?”  Relax.  I’m not building a new TOS Enterprise.  I’m modifying the one I made last year.  Worry not, the ship I built is safe and secure in another folder, this is being done as a separate project using the same WIP files.

Basically, the goal here is to add some logical details to the classic Enterprise.  For those who have seen Deg3D’s work (his link is in my links section) this will seem familiar.  In fact, Deg is the inspiration for this project.  He did a more detailed version of the Enterprise without really modifying how the ship looks.  He added bits of details here and there but didn’t change the shape of the ship.  He added things like deflector shield grids, phasers, photon torpedoes, more glowy bits, etc.  That’s the goal here.  Obviously, I don’t want to copy Deg’s work, this is just inspired by it.

For those who haven’t stared at the TOS ship until their eyes bled- AKA, people with lives (not me, obviously ;))- here’s what has been done so far.  I started with my spline from my E mesh from last year because it’s easiest for me to add grid lines at the beginning of a build and I spun a new saucer and added the lines.  The lines on at least one of the TOS models were just penciled on, I don’t know if the other models even had them.  After that, I re-cut the windows using the window cuts I set up for the original E (fortunately, I always save that stuff.)  So, the windows are the same.  Aside from the grid lines, I also added the docking hatch on the port side of the saucer and added some RCS thrusters and phaser emitters.  I also changed the font on the upper hull markings (I haven’t done the lower ones yet.)  I have some other plans for the bridge and a couple other things on the saucer and then it’s on to the stardrive section. As I said, the goal here is to not redesign or reboot the model (I’ve done enough of those) but just to add some bits that the ship would have had anyway if it had been built later.  Other than that, it will be the same ship.  I won’t be deleting any TOS details, that would defeat my purpose, but I’ll be modifying a few things and adding some stuff.


2 thoughts on “Phase 1.5 Enterprise

    • Thanks dude. Even though I love the latest movie, I wish they’d stayed a little more true to the show. As Deg showed with his model, the ol’ girl can easily be updated to motion-picture quality without completely redesigning the ship. I tried doing one of these a few years ago but it sucked and led to my first total redesign.

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