Heracles Leaving Orbit

Here’s a little something I rendered earlier just for fun.  Also, I’m still trying to think of a new project to build.  Until I do, I’ve been fiddling with this model.  I added some things here and there, some are tweaks to parts, details that I missed and some are non-canon parts that I’ve added.  I’m also stoked because I figured out how to render in trueSpace with both processor cores working at 100%, so my render times have been decreased.  😀

Here's an image showing the latest upgrades to my Constellation-class mesh.

Blue Warp Thingies:  (I guess those are warp coils)  I never got that part modeled correctly. This was my first TMP-style nacelle that I ever made and I couldn’t figure out how to model those.  When I tried giving it the correct shape and cutting the notches into the piece, I wound up with horrible mesh errors.  I’ve fized this by making the correctly shaped piece and adding the black and blue parts with a bump-mapped texture.

TMP-style Torpedo Launchers:  For some reason, the studio model never had these (most likely due to time constraints.)  The holders were there but they were bare.  So, after much consideration, I’ve added the launchers.  (prior to that, I assumed the tube in the middle of the cross pylon was the launcher)  Note that this pylon is identical to the one on the underside, so the ship has 4 forward launchers.  And, being ex-infantry, I prefer not to leave my rear uncovered (lord knows enough sergeants drilled that into my head) so I also added 2 aft launchers in between the impulse engines, where I had the tube-style “launchers” previously.  That gives this ship 6 torpedo launchers, a far cry from the Akira’s 15, but it’s still heavily armed.

Unknown Detail:  There’s an unknown detail that runs near the edge of the pylon, just inside of the connector for the warp nacelle.  I didn’t have the references that I did later in the build when I built the pylons (I built the nacelle & pylon first) and I never went back and added this little thingy until yesterday.  It’s a weird little thingy but it’s there on the studio model and now I have it also.  I also modified the nacelle connector.  I reshaped and resized it slightly to make it more “correct,” based on my reference images (that, once again, I didn’t have when I built that part.)


2 thoughts on “Heracles Leaving Orbit

    • Thanks dude. She’s an ugly beast but hands-down my favorite Trek ship after the original E. I dunno what it is about this ship but I just love it.

      As for computers, I’m never buying one again. I only bought the one that I just rebuilt because I didn’t have a good case and it was cheaper to buy a refurbished PC than it was a bunch of components and a sturdy case. So, I bought a cheap refurb with the intent to upgrade it. Since it has a nice sturdy case, I’ll just keep rebuilding it as needed on down the road and re-using the same case. 🙂 I’m drooling over that new 6-core processor that Intel has out but at $1099, it’ll be long down the road before I can even think of that (after the price goes down a LOT.)

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