Constellation Craziness

As anybody who models knows, a 3D mesh is never truly done.  Instead, we simply reach a state where we’re tired of looking at the damn thing and then call it “finished” until sometime later when we’re bored and we pull it back out and start picking at it again.  And right now I’m waiting for an order that I placed at on Friday to arrive,  so I’m just killing time.  I ordered a new motherboard, dual-core processor, faster RAM and a more powerful PSU.  And I don’t want to start any big projects until they arrive (hopefully by Wednesday) so I decided to pull out the ol’ Constellation-class and start fracking with it.

One thing I did was change the textures slightly.  The paneling is the same but I did work with the weathering so that it’s not so heavy.  It occurred to me the other day that I attempted to stay faithful to the studio model, which was purposefully made to look beat up because it was being used as a badly damaged ship and other very old ships.  So, I decided to give the ship a “newer” look.  I still have the Stargazer saved with the heavy weathering but I did a new set of registries for the ship, the USS Heracles NCC-2682 and attempted to make it look more like one of these ships would have looked during their more operational days (around the 2280s to the 2350s or so, when Starfleet started phasing them out.)  I also added some bits that weren’t on the studio model but that were on other ships from the movie era, like some text inside the Starfleet pendants on the nacelles and red stripes around the phaser emitters and the RCS thrusters.  I dunno if those were left off of the studio model intentionally or if they simply ran out of time when they had to build the model in a short amount of time.  Another thing I did for this ship only was to flip the name and registry on the underside so that it looks more like it does on other Starfleet ships, instead of being the exact same orientation of the text on top of the ship.  I think that’s all I did for now.

Anywho, here are the images:


2 thoughts on “Constellation Craziness

  1. Your Stargazer is excellent and the update here to the Heracles does just what you say. The refreshed textures and so on improve upon an already impressive mesh! Nicely done!

    • Thanks dude. It’s probably my favorite mesh that I’ve made because it’s one of my favorite classes and because it was such a pain in the ass to make. (which makes it that much more rewarding. ;))

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