Sunset Flight

Here’s a quick render I did with the Allura.  I know it’s kind of dark but I had to do at least one shot with that light rig doing its job.  😉


2 thoughts on “Sunset Flight

  1. I’ve already commented on this design, but I wanted to express my appreciation for two callbacks that may or may not be intentional. On the nacelles, the grillwork between the bussard collectors and the rest of the nacelle are a nice reminder of those on the TOS Enterprise, while the backswept engine pylons were always one of my favorite aspects of the ST:TMP redesign. A fine job, sir, and it is too bad there isn’t a current series for you to utilize your talents. I like what you do far more than what I saw of the redesign for the most recent movie (although I did like much of the new movie, not all, but I’m not a complaining wanker, either!!!).

    • Thanks. Yes, the grill work and back-swept pylons were intentionally done as homages to ships named Enterprise. I like to throw something from a lot of my favorite Trek designs into the ones that I design. 🙂

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