TNG-Era Starship Final Update

She’s finished.  I finished the details and rigged up the lights and did the lighting tests.  I hate lighting tests.  They’re boring and they take too long to render.  However, since I had to render them anyway, I rendered them to file so that I can share them (even though they’re boring,  some people like them) and also so that I can render them at a smaller size so that they don’t take quite as long to render.  Anywho, here they are.

And here are some shots of the finished ship with the scene lights turned back up and the lighting rig in place.  The scene lighting is still brighter than what I would usually use in a scene, but you get the idea.


9 thoughts on “TNG-Era Starship Final Update

  1. Excellent work! Came out wonderful. Can you render just the lights and then photo shop them in? That’s how I do it in MAX so as to lessen render time (means multiple passes but is much quicker).

    • No, I can’t do that. If I want lights to correctly interact with a model, I have to render everything together. Now, if I want flares, I can do those separately and composite them with Gimp (I don’t have Photoshop) but that’s a different matter.

      However, the render times aren’t all that bad. The lighting tests all took about 40 minutes each, tops, to render. And that’s on a 2.4 GHz single-core processor and only 2 GB of DDR2 667 MHz RAM. That’s not too bad.

  2. Nice design! Would it be possible to ask for ship specs (height, beam, length, # of decks) as well as some orthographical views? The other ortho views you had in your older posts were incomplete.
    It appears to be somewhere between the size of a Nova class and an Intrepid, with only about 7-8 decks.
    Did you intend it to be a science/survey ship, a cruiser, or an escort (using the Star Trek Online conventions)? Thanks in advance. =)

    • Thanks for looking. 🙂 Here are the dimensions:

      Length: 250.28 meters
      Width: 100 meters
      Height: 36.36 meters
      Decks: 9 (I’m not sure what I was thinking with that one, I might need to reconfigure that)

      As to its purpose, it’s a light cruiser. I don’t use STO conventions because I know very little about STO. My computer isn’t even high speed enough to run the game. So, I use good ol’ classic Trek conventions. 🙂

      And the orhtos are definitely in the works. I’ll render them shortly (maybe today but then again maybe not) and post them when they’re done.

  3. Very impressive. I like it for the same reasons that I like another design, the frigates from the computer game StarFleet Command II, it is compact, it doesn’t have the thin neck connecting the engineering and primary hulls which while aesthetically pleasing is tremendously impractical, and it looks very “clean”. Perhaps one day you could render the frigate from SFC II, I would love to see that since I’m “render-challenged”. 🙂

    • Thanks for looking and thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, I don’t have SFC II. I had it at one point but I tried installing it and it kept telling me that I had the wrong registration code, even though I typed what was on the box, so I think I finally got pissed and destroyed the CDs. (probably very violently) I do, however, have the first SFC. I dunno if the frigates in the 2nd one are the same as the first or not. I always did like the frigates in the first SFC. 🙂

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