TNG-Era Starship Update #16

I added some kind of doohickey to the bottom of the saucer.  It’s supposed to be an auxiliary craft (captain’s yacht) like what they did on Voyager and the Equinox.  (as opposed to a random oval-shaped thing that’s supposedly a captain’s yacht, like on the 1701-D)  Anywho, what you see is all there is to it.  If I actually build the craft itself at some point, I’ll post it.

Up next are the torpedo launchers and a bunch of other random greebles.  I really want to get this ship done so that I can start using it for images (and possibly animation) and move on to something else.

2 thoughts on “TNG-Era Starship Update #16

  1. I like it! It’s just as good as the never seen version on TNG and Voyager. Most folks, well non-dyed in the wool fans, don’t even know they existed. Really cool detail.

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