TNG-Era Starshp Update #10

I finished the nacelles. I was looking at my rather extensive collection of TNG-era starship references and I was noticing that some of the ships, particularly Voyager and the Equinox, have a lot of “decal” details. Just little stickers here and there that add a lot to the model. They give the impression of hatches and panels and whatnot where there’s really nothing modeled. So, I decided to add some of that stuff to my nacelles (though mine are modeled) because my ship is from somewhere around the same time frame as Voyager and the Equinox. I also added a few of those little knickknacks to the nacelle pylons, so they’re also now complete. And I’ll be doing more of that type of stuff on the rest of the ship, as I get to it.

And perhaps the important update is that I remembered to texture the impulse engine vent-thingy. I forget those damn things on so many of my models and then I think I’m done until I remember (usually when I’m rendering) and then I have to go back and do it. Well, I won’t have that problem this time. 😀


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