TNG-Era Starship Update #9 (Updated)

I didn’t feel like working on modeling yesterday, plus I had a bunch of stuff to do anyway. (preparing for the Holidays) However, I did start on some textures. Even though the ship is nowhere near being complete, I was tired of looking at a “naked” model. As I usually do with canon Trek, I went for a subtle, slightly “dirty” panel pattern (though it will be much more vivid in the right light) though I also added a little color variation. The bottom of the engineering hull (if you really want to call it that) needs a new texture, the panel pattern follows the contours of the upper saucer, which doesn’t work for that piece.

I don’t know if I’ll do more modeling, more texturing, both or none today, it depends on what I’m in the mood to do.

UPDATE:  More textures.  I think I’ve textured all of the parts I’ve built, so I guess it’s time to build some more.

2 thoughts on “TNG-Era Starship Update #9 (Updated)

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much the color scheme on which most of Trek is done. Of course, the TOS and some of the TMP-era and TNG-era ships were a light blue-green, but they appeared to be gray on screen.

      Thanks dude. 🙂

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