TNG-Era Starship Update #6

I added a buttload of windows to the ship. In fact, these might be the last windows I’m going to add to the ship. I might do a few on the underside of the saucer, I might not. I hate doing windows. I hate setting them up, I hate cutting them and I hate the inevitable error checking and cleanup that comes afterward. It’s very time consuming. On the other hand, I also like to put a lot of windows on my Starfleet ships, so I guess I do it to myself. 😉

I also added a couple of docking ports on the sides of the saucer. That should do it for docking ports on this ship. It has 3, which is more than enough for a 250 meter starship that’s not capable of saucer separation.

Next I’ll probably add the RCS thrusters to the saucer and then move onto something else (I haven’t really decided what that will be yet.) I might rebuild part of the underside of the saucer after the thrusters, it needs to be done.


5 thoughts on “TNG-Era Starship Update #6

  1. Lots of windows! And you cut them in !?!? Man. I really like this ship and it’s really come along. I really like the those nacelles, they look right on this ship.

  2. Agreed. Just wondering when in the TNG era you think this ship was comisoned like before voyager with the shaper of the hull. OR somewhere between the nova class and the promethious class. Just wondering. Rock on

  3. Thanks for looking, guys. 🙂

    Yes, I cut the windows. It’s how I’ve always done windows. That’s not the time consuming part. It’s the setup and the post-cut work that gets to me. Though, on my old PC, it took a lot longer to cut them than it does now.

    As far as the commissioning, my thought is that it’s definitely after Voyager. Sometime during the Dominion War is my thought right now. I haven’t gotten more specific than that.

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