A little more fun with shuttles.  Ironically, I used a larger starship and a smaller shuttle for this image than for the last one I posted.  I’m still working on getting in the mood to model a ship.  However, I did take a step in the right direction, I modeled the signage for the shuttle earlier.


4 thoughts on “Badlands

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anyone do the badlands. I always thought it had potential and not used enough. Sometimes when I have trouble geting in the mood to do some work. I might just do a bookcase or something like that. Something small that I don’t have to get too deep into.

    Great picture.:D

    • Thanks dude. Yeah, I love the badlands, especially in the Voyager pilot. They were really rough on DS9 at first but then they evolved the concept. Too bad the Dominion/Cardassian alliance killed off the Maquis, that was their main reason for going to the badlands.

      I tend to do small stuff when I’m in a slump, usually a lightsaber hilt because they’re pretty light. But I haven’t even been in the mood to open trueSpace for much besides rendering lately.

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