Rendezvous in Orbit (again)

I did a version of this pic after I built my ship inspired by this design and the new movie. Unfortunately, that ship sucks and is in desperate need of a rebuild, so I decided to redo the image with this model. Plus, I built a few shuttles over the year for TOS movie-era ships and I hardly ever use them. Lastly, I wanted to redo the image in widescreen (because most everything is better in widescreen.)

So, here it is. I’m trying to get back into the modeling mood by doing some images. I think it’s working. I’m feeling like I’ll maybe be starting a new modeling project soon (probably a redo of the afore mentioned new movie-inspired ship.)

Update 11 Dec 12:24 PM EST. I fixed a huge lighting issue with the planet.


7 thoughts on “Rendezvous in Orbit (again)

  1. hello Ilike this pic think ill be useing it as my new screensaver. I like how it molds together the old constution class with the top two necells from the constelation class. The new updated look of the ship is great. take care and rock on

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