Leaving Spacedock (Updated)

This is something I put together between yesterday and today. It was a bit of a pain in the butt because trueSpace 7 kept crashing because of the number of meshes that were loaded. It didn’t have a problem until I went to delete some and add others. trueSpace 4 wouldn’t have had that problem but I only use version 4 for modeling because the lights are better in trueSpace 7. So, I put up with the program crashing until I finally got it done. I added only a few ships at a time and rendered them as .png files to decrease the problems with tS7 but it still had some issues.

Anywho, here it is. There are a bunch of Easter Eggs in this one, mostly “canon” ships that made an appearance as background ships, along with a couple of non-Trek things. One is a ship that appears in all of my Trek space station scenes.

UPDATE: scifieric mentioned on his forum that he was having trouble seeing the ships that were right up against the station.  I had feared that might be the case for people whose monitors aren’t bright like mine is.  So, with some minor modifications, I was able to mostly fix that.  I moved the two Reliants and re-rendered that layer.  I’d originally thought it might be cool to have the closer Reliant dramiatically flying away from the station but I think I like this version better.  You can see more of the station and it feels less cluttered, IMO.  The only ship that’s still right up against the station that I didn’t move is the destroyer.  I’d have to re-render the station to fix that, (which takes hours) so it’s staying where it is.  Besides, I want to have some overlap.  Otherwise, it won’t look natural, IMO.


4 thoughts on “Leaving Spacedock (Updated)

  1. They’re both excellent! I do prefer the in your face Reliant however. I’ll have to look at this again tonight with a better monitor (my flat screen at home is awesome my work monitor is like looking through a view master :D)

  2. hello first time on this sitw and my first thoughts are holy Sh*t totaly liked most of the pics on here anyway on the two above i perfer the botome one think the top one with the large miranda takes somthing away from the station anyway keep up the good work and rock on

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