TOS Enterprise Ortho Sheet

Here’s an orthographic sheet of my new Enterprise model.  I’ve never done one of these in widescreen but it made more sense to me to render the ships going up the screen and then rotate the sheet once I had them properly positioned.  (I rendered them separately and then composited them together.)  I didn’t bother with much info on the ship like I do on many of my ortho sheets.  I figure most serious TOS Trekkies know the information and those who don’t can look on any of several dozen websites to find it.  😉


2 thoughts on “TOS Enterprise Ortho Sheet

  1. That looks damn cool. But what’s an orhto? 😀 Since watching you do this I’ve unfortuntely been haveing flashes of an idea for my version of an Enterprise to fit with my other ships. 😦

    • Thanks dude. You should build your version, I’d love to see it. 😀

      And an orhto is kinda like an ortho, but it’s not quite as cool. It happens when someone is typing really friggin’ fast and doesn’t proofread what he typed, like a moron.

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