WIP: The Enterprise Update 03

I’m almost done with the stardrive section.  I just have to add a few lights and small things and then I’ll be ready to build the most fun part, the nacelles.  🙂








I decided to change a couple of plans I had for this model.

One plan was to model each detail, including all of the dozens of cuts in the grills on the warp pylons and nacelles. However, the object subtraction tool in trueSpace was being a pain in the butt and then, when I did get it to work, one set of 4 grills for one pylon was over 43,000 polygons. So, I opted for a texture with a bump map to simulate the holes. (the modeled grills wouldn’t have looked a lot better anyway, unless you got really close to them)

Another thing I nixed was the working shuttlebay doors. I can make working clamshell doors, I’ve done it lots of times. In fact, I find them to be some of the easiest doors to make. However, I have a few really close shots of the “doors” on the 11-foot studio model and, in order to make them work, they won’t be very accurate. And, since I’m going for accuracy here, I opted for nonworking doors that are more accurately modeled.

8 thoughts on “WIP: The Enterprise Update 03

    • Thanks dude. 😀

      I don’t mind doing some movable parts, but not anything too complex. I can do simple animations (spinning blades, flashing lights, working doors, etc.) but nothing too nutty like they do in movies or on TV.

  1. Hi there, I left you a comment a week back but it was on much older post so I’m not sure if you had seen it. I had seen your Constellation-class model and was quite impressed, and was wondering if you’d be willing to share some images of it with an Improvised Star Trek show thats running in Chicago(as a life-long Trek fan I tell you its not typical of most Trek parodies, we’re all fans with real respect for the source material). Its our hope to get some images for our website and perhaps promotional material. We can’t really offer you anything except a shout out on our blog, and if you’re not interested I won’t contact you further. But I did want to be sure you got my message.

    Anyway, whether you’re interested or not, keep up the incredible work. Its damn impressive.

    • Yes, if you want to us any images of my Constellation-class that you can find (even I’m not sure where all of them are ;)) go for it. My only condition is that you leave the credits intact, though that mostly goes without saying.

      I appreciate both the compliments and that you were courteous enough to ask before using the images. 🙂

      • Great to hear, and thanks.

        One follow up question, (and if its off base I apologize) would you have an objection if we were to photoshop our ship’s name and registry number on? I completely understand why you might, but I thought I would ask.

      • Understandable, hope it wasn’t rude to ask. Our show run is set up as a Star Trek season and we’re trying to get some “screen shots” to accompany the episode synopses on our blog. I’ve been wowed by the caliber of the stuff fans have been doing in the days since I started looking. Your stuff looks professional, keep up the good work. Don’t know where you’re located, but if you find yourself in Chicago check us out.

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