WIP: *THE* Enterprise (2009 Edition)

Though this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m doing it, I didn’t intend to build a TOS Enterprise mesh in 2009.  (I *almost* made it.)  However, ScifiEric had to release his Enterprise with all those great modeled details and the great textures and my resolve was destroyed.  I’ve tried to be happy with my 2008 Enterprise mesh but it looks so crappy to me.  And it looks even worse since I raided Eric’s Enterprise reference gallery (it’s huge) the other day.  I thought it was pretty accurate, but I’ve seen a lot of details that I either missed or got wrong.  Hence, the new build.

I started on this yesterday and worked on it a little bit but I had some work to do and I watched some movies, but I got some more done today.  I’m modeling every detail I can, even if they’re not on the blueprints.  Though I’m using Sinclair’s blueprints, so most of the details are there.  One thing I’m doing that’s debatable whether it’s correct or not is the symmetrical saucer section windows.  I like those better than the asymmetrical windows, which the 11-foot model (the model on which I’m mostly basing this) had.  However, they flipped the model images enough times to make it seem like the port side was completed and the 33-inch model had symmetrical windows.  Another thing I’ll be doing is working shuttlebay doors which will be based on the doors for the shuttlebay interior miniature set from the show, not the outer “doors,” which won’t work as they’re supposed to.

Anywho, this is where I’m at right now.  I’m in no kind of hurry on this one but things are progressing at a good pace so far.  I’m finishing the details on a part before moving on to the next part.  Also, I’m not that worried about polygon count on this mesh, the Enterprise usually doesn’t get that high anyway.  I want a smooth mesh, not necessarily a low poly one.








2 thoughts on “WIP: *THE* Enterprise (2009 Edition)

    • Thanks bro. 😀

      Yeah, I model the registries these days. I didn’t always, though. Back when I had my old PC and trueSpace went stupid when I got to higher polygon counts, I textured the registries to save polygons. However, since I’ve had my newer computer and I don’t have to worry much about poly counts, I’ve gone back to modeled signage, which I prefer. I like the option of zooming in really close, which you can only get with modeled signage or a really high quality texture, which won’t even load into trueSpace.

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