Image of the Day: Enterprise Docked

I love docked shots.  I dunno why, they’re just cool.  So, I had to do one in widescreen.



4 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Enterprise Docked

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I don’t think I have much of anything on that mesh. I probably still have the mesh on a backup drive, but I don’t think I had it backed up after I did most of the textures, so it only has a few. It wasn’t one of my favorite meshes, I’m surprised to see an image of it on that site.

      • I especially look for “reimagined” Constitution designs, something that looks at least in parts newer than the NX class but still older than the refit connie.

        By the way, I’ve found another picture:

        In my opinion, things like the deflector with the blue lighting behind it, visible phaser banks (and torpedo tubes?) and the swept-back nacelle pylons make it appear more modern and realistic as the original design. Detailed textures and smoother transitions between the parts of the ship would give it the final touch.

        I also found this thread:

        If I’m right, this is about the design I search for, but all pictures seem to be deleted.

        Well, maybe you rebuilt this ship one day or make a similar one. I think it would look great together with the TOS shuttle redesign you worked on.

      • Yeah, I deleted those images from my Photobucket account to make room for newer stuff.

        As for the ship, I dunno if I’m going to rebuild it or not. I’ve done a lot of variations of the TOS Constitution-class over the years and I never know when I’m going to do a new “updated” version until inspiration hits. Though, I wouldn’t mind redoing this one, I also like the idea of mixing the ENT and TOS eras, which is why I built the model.

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