Mesh Spotlight: ScifiEric’s Enterprise

I don’t normally use other peoples’ meshes (mostly due to conversion issues) but I got ahold of this one and it’s a beauty. Eric Reinholt (AKA, scifieric) built what I think is the best CGI TOS Enterprise mesh in existence.  He modeled parts that most blueprint makers and mesh builders don’t bother with by using a combination of the best blueprints available and a lot of references images of the 11-foot filming model.  And, he was kind enough to upload it to his forum, so I had to download and render it.  (it helps that he uses the same software I do)  I have plans to do some more images with this mesh, it’s really a beauty.  I also love the textures, particularly the very subtle paneling and grid lines.






7 thoughts on “Mesh Spotlight: ScifiEric’s Enterprise

    • It’s a beautiful mesh, bro. It’s gotten quite a lot of looks from people visiting the blog. And I gotta disagree, nobody does Trek imagery and animations that are true to TOS like you do. When you do that stuff with this mesh, I feel like I’m watching the real deal. 😀

  1. Again, my friend, you are very kind. I have to say that I really enjoyed the texture that you shared on the site. It showed me that we do some things similarly, however there are some things that we do differently.

    Hey! Does that mean that you can tell how many people view the images? Cool!

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