WIP: TNG-Era Starship Update 04

Registries, phaser strips and lifeboat hatches are in place for the upper saucer.  I have 8 or 10 (I don’t remember which it is without opening the program) more lifeboat hatches to go in other places on the ship.  There will be a total of 40, allowing for an evac limit of 120 people, not counting whatever shuttles this ship carries.

All stripes, signage and whatnot are modeled, I haven’t applied a single texture to this ship yet.  Also, the text on the lifeboat hatches is the TOS hull font, as a little nod to my favorite ship, the original Enterprise.

TNGShip01_017 TNGShip01_018

TNGShip01_019 TNGShip01_020


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