WIP: TNG-Era Starship

This is a ship I started working on a few days ago. I haven’t done much with it yet, I’ve kinda been adding bits and pieces every day since Sunday or Monday (I don’t remember which it is.)

Obviously, it’s a late TNG-era ship, I’m figuring it’s from somewhere around the start to middle of the Dominion Wars. Though it wasn’t built for warfare, many ships of this class did fight in the war (just not in battles seen on DS9. ;)) It’s not a very big ship by TNG standards, only about 250 meters long and it will have 8 or 9 decks when it’s done. Armament will include the standard package, phaser strips and fore and aft photon launchers. And, of course, standard shielding. (hence, the grid ;))

Anywho, there’s nothing very fancy so far in the construction, but there is a lot of time consuming stuff, particularly a lot of work that won’t be seen in a standard render to clean up mesh errors. Of all the bits, the main hull/saucer itself, particularly the inset deflector dish, took the longest to make. Getting the “saucer” and deflector to look the way they do was no quick process, but I’m fairly happy with the results.

Anywho, here she is. More to come when I get it done. 🙂

TNGShip01_001 TNGShip01_002 TNGShip01_003 TNGShip01_004 TNGShip01_005 TNGShip01_006 TNGShip01_007 TNGShip01_008


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