Starship Spotlight: U.S.S. Revere

I posted an image or two of this mesh a while back and I intended to go back and do a post specifically on it but I never got around to it.  So, here it is.

Basically, this is a small scout ship, it’s only 120 meters long and has 9 decks, though a couple at the bottom of the ship are tiny, so they’re probably cargo or fuel storage.  The name, type and registry are canon, the Scout Columbia NCC-621 is being ordered to rendezvous with the Scout Revere NCC-595 in the establishing shot of Epsilon 9 in TMP.  And, since no ship was seen on screen, I named my design after the Revere.





I built the mesh in July of last year and it only took a few days to build.  Apart from being a fun little ship to build, it also allowed me to try out some ideas for new modeling techniques that I came up with on a smaller scale before applying them to a larger mesh.  I still use those techniques when I build models.  🙂

Here’s a little info I typed up on this last year:

Revere-Class Scout/Science Frigate

Length: 120.00 meters
Width: 50.44 meters
Height: 28.08 meters
Decks: 9
Crew: 80

Max Emerg Warp: 8.2 for 6 hours
Max Cruise Warp: 7
Norm Cruse Warp: 5
Max Impulse: 0.25 Light Speed

5 Phaser Banks (2 emitters each)
Deflector Shields

Auxiliary Craft:
2 Type-5 Shuttlepods
2 Work Bees


7 thoughts on “Starship Spotlight: U.S.S. Revere

  1. I’m very impressed with your Revere.

    “The Klingons are coming! The Klingons are coming!”

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

    I would love to see more views of it.

    Have you ever considered a Star Trek – Original Series-era version of the Revere? That would rock!

  2. Great little design! Looks far better than the Grissom/Oberth as first seen in ST3.

    I would love to see a TOS version of this ship!

  3. I LOVE this ship! I have tried several times to load the Revere into trueSpace and it throws dialog boxes at me asking to find missing textures (chalblue, chalgray, chalwindows…) They are missing from the textures folder. I know you said on Scifi Meshes that you don’t want conversion requests, but do you know anyone who has successfully converted it to an object format suitable for Poser 8? Thanks for your time!

    • No, I don’t know of anybody who has converted it. As for those missing textures, they should be included with my USS Hipparchus model. I probably just used the textures from that model that were the color I needed for the other ship.

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