Image of the Day: Enterprise Approaching… Something

I know I haven’t been posting much but that’s because I’ve mostly been working on some small animations and my WordPress account is a free one, which means I can’t post video.  Once I get something larger done, I’ll probably post it on YouTube (even though I hate YouTube) and post a link here in the blog.  However, here’s frame 110 from an animation I rendered yesterday.  No, the animation isn’t that large, I just advanced to that frame and rendered it to file at a larger size.  And, yes, the justoposition of the words in the quote is intentional, this is an alternate reality after all.

The weird stuff in the background (I really don’t know what it’s supposed to be) was made using Apophysis 2.06 3D Hack and the 3D Bubbles Script by Shortgreenpigg


6 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Enterprise Approaching… Something

    • Thanks a lot! 😀

      Though, a lot of credit goes to the person who made that bubbles script. It’s the shiznit. 😉

      One thing I also love is that, since I used Apophysis 3D instead of the regular Apophysis, I was able to rotate my view, which is cool.

  1. Thanks I’ve already picked up both Apophysis 3D 2.08 and Apophysis 2.09. They work great, I’ve already done a few pics with them and will have them up soon.
    Again, great work.:D

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