TOS Starfleet 2007 Pt. 4

This is kinda a bonus post in this category.  Obviously, I didn’t make this ship 2 years ago, I made it yesterday.  It was jut too irresistible.  The only bad thing is that I lost my .psd files (probably deleted them by mistake) for the textures, so I had to start from scratch on the saucer section textures.  I didn’t even have the panel pattern saved anymore, I had trace the pattern from the Connie’s engine section specular map.  However, I think I matched up the new textures pretty well to the old ones.  I did still have a .psd file saved with my Larson-class files for the nacelle.




Yes, I did make one of these a while back but that one was made using parts from a different Enterprise mesh (the one I built using Casimiro’s blueprints.)  The style of the other Enterprise and its textures don’t match my 2007 fleet, so I decided to redo the Kelvin with the 2007 Enterprise & Hermes/Saladin-class parts.

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