From the Depths of the Backup Drives 02

Here are some more older images.  Unfortunately, I lost a lot of stuff from a few years ago that I pulled from my really old drive when I fracked up my system a few months ago.  I didn’t have the stuff backed up and I had to reformat my system.  However, here’s some stuff I did last year (though, the first one might be a little older.)


Anyone looking to do this kind of work really needs to check out the searchable ISS/Space Shuttle gallery on Nasa's website. They have some great images of Earth.



This was a fun piece I did featuring a redesign of the DY-100 class vessel. I tried to make it look more like a ship from the late 20th/early 21st centuries.



I just love docked images. This ship is obviously a TOS-ified Constellation-class, lending support to the fandom theory that the class predates TMP. I need to fix some earrors on the mesh before I start making images with it again.



My favorite part about this one is the kitbash in the distance. It's just something crazy that I threw together for a scene that I never completed.



2 thoughts on “From the Depths of the Backup Drives 02

  1. All fantastic images man. I realy like the Ptolemy one and the Constellation one. I did a TOS version of the ship a while back called the Cheetah and placed the deflector in the same place. Where did you find the backgrounds. I’ve looked before but could never find ones I was happy with. Always too small.

    • Thanks bro. The Ptolemy is a favorite of mine, it reminds me a bit of the Miranda-class, which I’ve loved since I first saw TWOK. And I think I remember your version of the Cheetah-class, it’s a cool model.

      As far as backgrounds, I hit the searchable ISS gallery at NASA’s website last year sometime. You have to be careful with your search terms, though. I searched for “clouds,” “horizon,” things like that. And be ready if you do this to go through a LOT of images to find a handful of good ones. Though, to tell a secret, I don’t even think I found that one in the Ptolemy image. Someone sent that to me.

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