Image of the Day: Daedalus Exploring

I didn’t have much time for modeling today, so I set up a simple scene.



2 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Daedalus Exploring

  1. Ever since the first ST Chronology (circa 1992-93) I’ve been intrigued by this design. I love your take on the Daedalus class updating it to match a bit closer to the NX but unique all the same. It’s so different from all the other ships on the show (with exception of the Pasteur in “All Good Things…”). Great work!

  2. Several months back I contacted you about your trueSpace models. Since then, I have found a trial program that does a very good job of converting them to object format. I’ve seen your Daedalus model at 3dGladiators, but unfortunately I don’t belong to that community. I would enjoy using your USS Apollo model in some renders and was wondering if there is any chance you would consider sending me the model via email? If not, I understand. Thanks in advance for considering it. Greg

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