WIP 04: USS Challenger

For anybody who doesn’t know, this is the USS Challenger:


I don’t know what class she is.  I’d thought it was Challenger-class, but I just read at www.ex-astris-scientia.org that another ship is the Challenger-class, so we’ll have to make up a name for this class later.  Though this can still be a ship named Challenger that existed before the very much Ent-D-ish ship for which the Challenger-class is named.

Obviously, it’s the saucer and stardrive sections of the refit Enterprise and the upper deck of a Constellation-class. I’ve also seen alternate configurations with a Reliant-style saucer (enlarged back and all) and a Constellation-style saucer section but I don’t like those configurations so I won’t be making them.

The basic idea is that, even though this class is a blatant kitbash of the Enterprise and Constellation classes, I don’t want it to look as much like a kitbash, so I’m working things out a bit to make it look more like something that rolled out of a drydock as a real starship that someone built and not just an amalgam of components that someone slapped together. Having said that, this is still mostly kitbash. I’ve grabbed various parts from some of my other movie-style ships and modified them to fit together (hopefully.) The intent is to make a ship that is clearly from the movie-era design lineage but that doesn’t look like a carbon copy of ships that came before.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Anywho, there’s still much work to be done (including building the stardrive section) but this is where I’m at after the firs day of working on this. I plan to get some more done before I go to bed and I’ll post some more images either tonight or tomorrow.


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