Starship Spotlight: Brisbane-class

This is a kind of odd ship that I “designed.” I based it off of Movie-era Trek, though the elements range from slightly different to very different in relation to the tech of the time. Basically, the premise was that, even as the Enterprise and other Constitution-class ships were being refitted, the Starfleet R&D division knew that the ships would quickly become obsolete due to the fact that many of them were almost 30 years old. So, they started on a new cruiser. However, the cruiser wasn’t all it was cracked up to be; it was larger and more powerful than the Enterprise refit, though only slightly. So, ultimately, Starfleet decided to go with the proposed Excelsior-class and the rest is history. However, an Admiral in the science division saw potential in the cruiser as a ship of pure science, so the ships were built in a limited production line and certain elements were added, such as mission variable sensor arrays and stuff like that.

The design itself was mean to reflect a blend of Andrew Probert’s Enterprise and Bill George’s Excelsior. I sorta combined the shapes of the saucer, warp pylons and nacelles a bit but the stardrive section resembles the Enterprise more than the Excelsior. But it was a fun little ship to build. And I named the ship class after a historic scientist, Sir Thomas Brisbane and the ship’s name I did for the textures (USS Eratosthenes) is the name of an ancient scientist (ancient Greece, I think.) I found both names on Wikipedia. 😉






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