Image(s) of the Day

Here are a couple of “just for fun” images that I did of the ship in my previous post. In these, we find the Eratosthenes and another ship I built around the same time, the USS Revere (more on that one later) orbiting a couple of crap-tastic planets. These were rendered back in my trueSpace 4 days before I bought the computer I’m using now and before Microsoft bought Caligari and offered trueSpace 7 for free.




2 thoughts on “Image(s) of the Day

  1. I think I’ve seen these pics before. I still like them if I have. I really like the little ship because it reminds me of the Grissom. The big ship is cool too.

    • Thanks bro. I posted the images on the forums last year sometime. But, since I didn’t have anything new for the blog, I figured I’d dust them off and post them. 😉

      I’ll be doing more with the little ship (the Revere) soon. I really like that one also, it was a fun little mesh to build. Plus, I tested some modeling methods with it that I used on the big ship and others since.

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