Starship Spotlight: Constellation-class

This is one of my favorite meshes that I’ve ever built. I love the studio model designed by Rick Sternbach, Andrew Probert and Greg Jein that was also built by Greg Jein. It’s one of the coolest Star Trek models ever, IMO. Unfortunately, the references weren’t great but I grabbed every available resource including schematics (inaccurate, unfortunately) and any and all shots of the real filming model I could find. Most of them, unfortunately, were of the underside in the earlier stages but I found some of the top and sides of the model towards the end of the build. Anywho, I tried to stay true to the original as much as possible but some of the small greebles and whatnot are guesstimation on my part. I added the never used U.S.S. Valkyrie NCC-2590 markings both as a nod to the model as it appeared on tour and as a nod to the movie Valkyrie, which was about to be released, (and the men and women who the story is about) because I’d just watched a documentary on Operation Valkyrie and the June 20, 1944 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler when I named the ship.

The model itself took me more than a year to build (which is unusual) because I took a long break from working on it. Most of the time, when I abandon a build, I don’t get back to it but this one was an exception because of my love for the filming model. I’ve also built some TNG-inspired shuttles but those can be saved for a later post and I’ve also started on a bridge that’s based off of the Ent-D battle bridge and the Stargazer and Hathaway bridges. Unfortunately, interiors aren’t my forte, but I occasionally pull it out and work on it.


Valkyrie02Valkyrie03Valkyrie04You’ll have to forgive the huge titles on the images.  I don’t do much TNG-era stuff, so I almost never get to use the font.  😉


4 thoughts on “Starship Spotlight: Constellation-class

  1. Hi, EG180!

    My name is Dave Metlesits, I really like your models, which I convert to Max so I can use them. However, no matter how I try, I can’t make the Constellation load via the conversion plugin. Could you please help me with it?

      • I do most everything in tS 4. I only render in tS 7 because the lights are better.

        As far as the .obj export, I tried that several months ago (in both versions) and it crashed the program. Most of my starships crash when I try to export them to .obj because I do things when I build them that the .cob format can handle but the .obj format can’t.

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