Starship Spotlight: Constitution-Class

I won’t normally be posting at this feverish pace (In fact, you’ll be lucky to get one post a day after a while) but, since the blog is new, I feel I should get some content down. I have plenty more for later posts.

One of the things I want to do is highlight some of my meshes I’ve built over the past few years. Like”Image of the day,” this won’t be a daily thing but it will happen every once in a while. I’ll try to do at least one a week until I run out of meshes.

Anywho, for the first spotlight, I have decided to do the original Enterprise. She’s the best ship in the Trek lineage, IMO, and I absolutely love her. I’ve built this ship at least a dozen times trying to get it right, hopefully I’m finally getting close. This is my most recent version, as will be any spotlight ships that I’ve built more than one mesh of over the years. I built this ship using Charles Casimiro’s awesome blueprints in 2008. For older versions, see the backup files posts.





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