Greetings from the evil one. For those of you who are here by mistake or just clicked on a link and don’t know who the hell I am, my name is Chris Martin (no, I’m not the lead singer of Cold Play) but I’m known on some of the 3D art forums as evil_genius_180.

A brief bit about myself:  I’m 30 years old and I’m from Dayton, Ohio.  I’m not married and my work isn’t exciting (mostly cooking & cleaning) so we won’t be going into any of that.  My hobbies are reading, writing (though I do that too infrequently) playing video/computer games and 3D art.

This blog will mostly attempt to showcase my 3D art.  I’ve been in love with Science Fiction all my life and Star Trek in particular since the early ’90s.  So, most of the 3D art I do is Star Trek related, though I do occasionally dabble in other genres and original stuff.  I work in a program called trueSpace by Caligari. Here’s their website: I’ve been using trueSpace since 2000, though I’ve really only been doing this stuff seriously for the past 4 years.  I’m currently using trueSpace 4 to model and trueSpace 7 to render.  I also use a variety of other programs, including Gimp, Wings 3D, Windows Paint and Inkscape in my art.

Here's a little sample of the type of stuff I do

Here's a little sample of the type of stuff I do

Anywho, this concludes my quick “Getting to know you” post.  I’ll probably log on tonight and upload some more fun stuff, so stay tuned.


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