Star Trek Equinox at NYCC

This October 9-12, Star Trek Equinox is going to New York Comic Con. For anybody thinking of going or going, come by and check it out. Much of the cast will be there, along with some special guests, a panel and screening.

Star Trek Equinox New York Comic Con 2014 Promo from evil_genius_180 on Vimeo.

Also, don’t forget that it’s never too late to donate to the project:

Admiral, it is the Enterprise…

So, it’s the Enterprise. No, the other one. :P



This was built as a different ship for a project. It’s now no longer being used as that ship. (they’re killing me) However, that’s not to say it won’t make an appearance in something. It’s really up to me. If you think you know what it is, or you know what it is, knock yourself out as far as comments go, but I’ll not confirm or deny anything. :P

As usual, I wasn’t going for total accuracy here. I’ve never built this model before and it was a royal pain in the butt, both modeling and texturing, so “close enough” was good enough. Besides, I never copy anything exactly. That’s not my style.

The Enterprise Refit Nacelles Glowed BLUE!

This is something that bugs the hell out of me. Why are there people who actually think the inboard grills of the Enterprise refit had a purple glow? Not counting the 2001 Director’s Edition TMP DVD, where they got that wrong on the CGI model, when the hell do you ever see the nacelles with a purple glow in one of the six TOS-era films? Answer: NEVER.

A blue glow in the nacelle grills was something that they wanted to do for TOS, but it just wasn’t in the budget. However, they did it for the TMP version of the ship. Now, people who have the movie on Blu-Ray, you have the theatrical release of the film. Foundation Imaging, who did the CGI effects for the 2001 DVD edition of the film, went bankrupt and their servers were auctioned off and all of their assets went kaput, including the CGI they did for the film. So, Paramount literally can’t do a Blu-Ray edition of that version of the film. So, if you have the theatrical cut, you can watch the film and you’ll see a blue glow at times coming from the nacelles, not purple. Even if you have the DVD and you know what to look for, you can see the blue glow. This shot, for example:


Now, if that looks purple to you, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you that you’re color blind. And, how do we know that’s the studio model? Because, this is the CGI model they used, complete with the wrong color of glow:


Now, in all other aspects, that is a gorgeous model. However, the nacelle glow is the wrong color, it’s a kind of pale purple (it looks worse in the film, in my opinion.) So, if you’re watching the DVD version of the film and you go “See, it did glow purple.” Nope, sorry, that’s the CGI model. I don’t know why they got that wrong. I don’t know why anybody gets that wrong. In subsequent films with that model, the nacelles still glowed blue. Though, they only glowed at warp, so it’s harder to see. Though, in TMP, they appeared to glow randomly, both when the ship was at warp and when it wasn’t, so I don’t know what they were trying to do there. However, they only glowed at warp in the other films.

So, where do people get this crazy notion that they glowed purple? A friend of mine once pointed to this image as proof:


Yes, the nacelles are purple there. However, that is a lighting test. That’s not how the ship looked on screen, they were merely testing different lighting conditions. Aside from the purple nacelle glow, I can point out four things wrong with the ship in that image:

1. The bridge module and structure underneath are the wrong shape. This was before they refined the bridge shape. If we could see the underside, I’m sure the sensor dome is wrong also.

2. The impulse engines are glowing blue. As we all know from that great shot of them activating in TMP, (and, through the use of stock footage, TWOK) they glowed orange.

3: The light “sources” for the pylons, both the thick one that connects the saucer and primary hull, and the warp pylons hadn’t been added yet. As most of us probably know, the lighting on the ship was totally faked. They set dental mirrors into Styrofoam and had them reflect light back on to the ship to create the cool spot lights all over the ship. However, they did add source lights for most of them, to make it look like there’s really something there lighting the thing. Those light “sources” at the base of the pylons aren’t present in this image, but they are in the film.

4: Light leaks. The ship didn’t have any light leaks in the film, but you can see them in that image on the nacelles and saucer.

So, it boils down to: that’s not the ship as it appeared on screen, so it can be ignored. There was also a lighting test where the nacelle glow looks reddish, though, thankfully, nobody tries to recreate that lighting.

So, if you’re building a model of the Constitution class refit, please heed my words and make the glow blue. Anything else is just wrong. Thanks for reading. :)

Drydock Lighting Tests

These are lighting tests. You don’t need to know why or for what, just know that there was lighting set up and it was tested. :P

Seriously, I converted my old drydock mesh to Lightwave for reasons to be revealed later. After I got the mesh all converted, fixed and added some things and textured it, I set about setting up the lights. 70 of them in total. I did a few smaller test renders at a lot lower Anti-Aliasing to get the light levels and fall off rates where I needed them, but I needed to do some larger tests, so I setup a scene with my Enterprise model and a “sun.” It’s a good thing I did some tests, because I noticed some mapping issues on the dock when I rendered the first image. So, I fixed those and it looks like it should in the other renders.

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Star Trek: Equinox Fundraising

Once again, Equinox is looking for funds to film their pilot episode. I think some of the perks have changed and the fundraising site they’re using is more open ended, unlike certain sites that shall remain unnamed. (like you don’t know :P ) Here’s the link to the fundraising campaign:

And, here’s a short trailer that a few of us worked on. (you can probably guess which bits I worked on ;) )

(yes, it’s the same video that’s on the fundraising page)

More trailers will be following as we get them done. The idea is to give the fans who are considering this project more to go on than just a few pics and an opening credits sequence. So, take a look and, if you can and want to contribute, please do.

TMP Era Ships, Pt. 03

Lots of little bits done here. I got the details done on the upper part of the saucer section. That part of the ship only needs a name and registry now. I also added something between the impulse engines. Since that part (a wiring access and mounting point) is missing in all of the photos I have, I used some HD screencaps from Peak Performance to get that closer than I’ve had it before. I used caps from towards the end of the episode, where the Hathaway engages its two second warp jump to avoid the Enterprise’s torpedoes. It’s the best shot I have of that area, but it’s still a tad blurry. However, I got close enough to what is there. I took a bit of artistic license, but not as much as I have before.

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